Simone's Art Academy offers art classes in drawing and painting; oil, acrylic, watercolour, and water-based media. Also printmaking, mixed media, collage, and more. They range from introductory to more contemporary. Our instructor is experienced artist-teacher who holds degree in visual art and is passionate about art education.

The curriculum accommodates students from every skill level, whether they’re an absolute beginner or a more advanced students. We encourage skills development, cultivate art appreciation. Students will strengthen their ability to perceive and translate the visual world into their own artistic expression. Technical skills are strengthened through methods such as direct observation, perspective drawing, working from the model, and experimental the material use.

Children will be divided into age-appropriate groups to be determined upon registration. (Gr 1-3, Gr 4-6, Gr 7-9, Gr 10-12). Each group is 3-4 maximum.
For time being, weekly lessons will be delivered via the video conferencing app. Participants must use a device with a camera and microphone enabled.

Fee is $60 every 4 classes , class duration is 1 hour once a week. Extra $30 deposit will be paid upon registration as an administration fees.

Make-up sessions must be scheduled due to child’s absence before his/her upcoming session. Make-up class is a must to keep up with the groups's level. However, first make-up class will be free, thereafter will cost you $30 each.

You are most welcome to register at any time of the year, your child will be on hold until a group of 3-4 is completed. Student can't join any group that has been started earlier.

Art supplies' list will be sent by the teacher by email. All supplies should be ready by the starting date. (unprepared students with their supplies slow down the class).